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Download 1 - The Christmas Song (Soloist- Dionne Willis) (14.1 MB)

Download 2 - O Magnum Mysterium (17.8 MB)

Download 3 - Mary Had a Baby (Soloist- Melvenia Gray) (10.7 MB)

Download 4 - In Silent Night (16.0 MB)

Download 5 - Mary, Mary, Where Is Your Baby (9.1 MB)

Download 6 - Christ Is Born (6.7 MB)

Download 7 - Mary Had A Baby (Soloist- Carnie Gates) (10.9 MB)

Download 8 - See The Little Baby (Soloist- Yolanda Bullard) (8.0 MB)

Download 9 - A Star Shall Rise Out of Jacob (19.2 MB)

Download 10 - How Far Is It To Bethlehem (15.5 MB)

Download 11 - Mary Had A Baby (Soloist- Samone Dickey) (16.1 MB)

Download 12 - Mary Was the Queen of Galilee (Soloist- Janine Coaxum) (20.4 MB)

Download 13 - In A Manger Lo (19.2 MB)

Download 14 - Jesus, Jesus, Oh What A Wonderful Child (Soloist- Lamont Sparrow) (24.2 MB)


The 28 selected students from the Fayetteville State University Concert Choir and The Fayetteville State University Choral Ensemble became the new Fayetteville State University Chamber Singers. Their European journey, at the end of the 20th century, took them to France and Belgium, including a performance at the European Parliament. This convert tour, sponsored by the Transmusical International of Liege, Belgium, was by invitation and opened new doors for these students and Fayetteville State University.

The music reflects centuries of celebrating the wonders of the Christmas story. Many of the selections reflection the tradition of African-Americans, who created a song to celebrate the birth of a child that was ultimately seen as a liberator.

Publication Date

Fall 10-31-1999


choir, christmas, music, concert, holiday, musical, recording


Music Performance

Fayetteville State University Chamber Singers- A Christmas Celebration