Exploring the longitudinal outcomes of early college students

Melinda Stidham Vickers, Fayetteville State University


This study provides a review of the literature surrounding school reform looking in depth at early college high school (ECHS) reform. The ECHS reform concept focuses on college readiness, increasing the pipeline to college for traditionally underrepresented groups, and success in college coursework. Data appear to support that students who choose to attend ECHSs appear to be more college ready and have success once they matriculate to college This study focused on determining if the treatment of attending an ECHS has a significant impact on various aspects of college success, replicating previous research while also extending it to include persistence, graduation rate, course related performance, and choice of major. The results of this study may be useful to school districts and legislators when determining the possible benefits of investing in the ECHS reform model.

Subject Area

Educational leadership

Recommended Citation

Vickers, Melinda Stidham, "Exploring the longitudinal outcomes of early college students" (2016). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI10610450.