University Administrators' Perception of Equity in Sports, Title IX Polices and Student Athletes with Diverse Sexual Identities

Carlitta Moore, Fayetteville State University


The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore university administrators' perceptions of equity in sports and Title IX policies in relation to athletes with diverse sexual identities in higher education. This research design utilized the narrative approach. This study used structured interview questions to gather the data by asking open-ended questions that were transcribed and coded for recurring patterns and themes. The participants in this study were university administrators who hold leadership positions in American colleges and universities and deal directly or indirectly with student athletes. There were several recurring themes that occurred from the data collected. Based on the responses of the participants, the following recurring themes emerged: (a) collaborating with campus resources offices and professional development activities, (b) compliance of NCAA guidelines, (c) LGBT advocacy, (d) society of acceptance, (e) best practices, (t) safe zones trainings, (g) addressing policies for diverse sexual identities, (h) education by the Title IX administrator, (i) annual monitoring of the EADA report, and (j)internal/external challenges. The researcher suggests building relationships with diversity and inclusion and Title IX offices and implementing polices of advocacy and a culture of acceptance. The researcher also suggests providing safe zone trainings and education at various athletic conferences, along with incorporating more Title IX compliance education. It is further recommended future studies investigate perceptions of lesbian, gay, bisexuals and transgender student athlete's accommodations and to investigate LGBT administrators and the correlation of diversity and inclusion within the department. A quantitative study investigating the level of diversity and inclusion from an institutional perspective and its' impact on athletic departments. A mixed methods study which would identify the qualities of university administrators through a transformational leadership lens and the perception of accommodations for student athletes with diverse sexual identities. A similar study including athletic trainers, and faculty athletic representatives should be conducted.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Public policy|Higher education

Recommended Citation

Moore, Carlitta, "University Administrators' Perception of Equity in Sports, Title IX Polices and Student Athletes with Diverse Sexual Identities" (2018). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI13872025.