Mathematical persistence and global stability in LAK-NK chemo-immunotherapy

Celethia Keith McNeil, Fayetteville State University


The principles of mathematical modeling and analyses are applied to immunotherapy of human cancers. A system of clinically plausible deterministic differential equations is constructed to depict the dynamic evolution of cancer cells under the regime of Lymphokine Activated Killer (LAK) and Natural Killer (NK) chemo-immunotherapy. The model equations are analyzed using Dynamical Systems Theory, Principles of Linearized Stability, Computational Biology, Numerical Analysis, and Investigative Computer Simulations. The current work is an improvement of an earlier immunotherapy model by Nani & Freedman (2000) and Nani & Ogurtorelli (1994). In the new improved model, the immunotherapy protocol is used in addition to chemotherapy. In particular, robust therapeutic criteria are derived elucidating the therapeutic outcomes of cancer persistence, treatment failure, and global annihilation of the cancer cells.

Subject Area

Applied Mathematics|Mathematics|Bioinformatics|Immunology|Oncology

Recommended Citation

McNeil, Celethia Keith, "Mathematical persistence and global stability in LAK-NK chemo-immunotherapy" (2010). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI1498898.