The role of attachment style in female subjective sexual wellbeing

Elise Nicole Fleming, Fayetteville State University


Female participants in committed relationships (n = 133) were assessed to investigate the relationship between attachment styles and a composite measure of female sexuality, subjective sexual wellbeing. Subjective sexual wellbeing was measured based on three variables: sexual satisfaction, sexual esteem, and sexual assertiveness (Menard & Offman, 2009). Participants' attachment style was identified using cluster analysis (secure, n = 40; anxious, n = 59; avoidant, n = 34). A MANCOVA was conducted to assess group differences for each attachment style's relationship with subjective sexual wellbeing, while controlling for sexual functioning and relationship satisfaction. Attachment style was found to have no significant relationship with subjective sexual wellbeing beyond sexual functioning and relationship satisfaction for this sample ( V = .034, F(6, 254) = .730, p = .626). The results of this study are limited, given observed low power due to a deflated sample size in relation to the variables in this analysis.

Subject Area

Counseling Psychology

Recommended Citation

Fleming, Elise Nicole, "The role of attachment style in female subjective sexual wellbeing" (2012). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI1521450.