Hip Hop as an Empowerment Tool for Principals

Katanya Foust, Fayetteville State University


The main objective of this capstone project was to develop a training model that helps principals understand the history of hip hop, its language, and its origin in the Black power movement. This professional development aims to help strengthen principals’ awareness of their own critical consciousness. It also aims to help principals become more aware of inequities within their student population. “Hip Hop as an Empowerment Tool” will give principals the tools to use hip hop and social justice leadership to decrease the rates of discipline of Black students and enhancing relationships with SRO’s all while improving academic achievement.

Subject Area

Multicultural Education|African American Studies

Recommended Citation

Foust, Katanya, "Hip Hop as an Empowerment Tool for Principals" (2021). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI28943439.