Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black Female Principals in Selected Title I Schools

Gemette McEachern, Fayetteville State University


This qualitative study described the lived experiences of twelve Black female principals who currently work in Title I schools. This study set out to determine how they managed their challenges and barriers while leading. Data included one-on-one interviews with participants. The work lives of the participants were situated in Title I schools, schools receiving federal funding to support low-income students. In addition, the results of this study could help school administration programs at universities to better prepare all school administration students to effectively lead in a Title I school, especially Black female administrators. The school administration programs could redesign or reexamine their required internship activities to expose students to various types of schools and not just those high-performing and elite schools and districts.The theoretical lens for this study was based on the work of Patricia Collins. The Black feminist thought showed how Black women’s perspectives, experiences, and interpretations of those experiences were related (Collins, 2000). The findings implied from participants, that if we work together to support all principals in Title I schools, we will see an increase in student achievement. Recommendation for practice involved administrators learning to balance work and family life, increase community relations, implement self-care, and improving student behavior. The results also suggest to offer ongoing professional development outside of the current district, this will allow principals to network and learn from other peers. District leaders can also create monthly support groups for Title I principals. District leaders should not assume Title I principal possess the skills to turn around a school.

Subject Area

Educational administration|Education|Educational leadership|Black studies

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McEachern, Gemette, "Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black Female Principals in Selected Title I Schools" (2023). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI30694002.