An analysis of teachers' perceptions of school-community relations in two middle schools in the Sandhills school district

Patricia McLean Hollingsworth, Fayetteville State University


This research was conducted with the objective of allowing district leaders such as administrators, teachers, board members, parents, and the public to gain insight into enhancing school-community relations. This study of the views of middle school teachers as they relate to external faith-based, civic organizations, and law enforcement agencies could provide solutions as they relate to effective community schools and parental involvement. When barriers are addressed, solutions should lead to academic success. In order to gain insight into the perceptions of the teachers who participated in this qualitative research, an in-depth audio interview method was utilized. Six teachers participated by being interviewed in their home school settings. The qualitative research design technique was used which allowed participants to express individual views of school-community relations. Open-ended, non-biased detailed questions were used in interviews conducted in one session per participant. Participants were informed on the confidentiality of the data, and that the research would only be used for specific disclosed purposes related to this particular study. Participants signed Consent for Research Participation form. Interview Protocol questions were mailed to participants prior to the interviews and care was taken that there be no risks for participants. Since there has been limited research related to school-community partnerships at the middle school level, this study should add to the current body of knowledge. The consensus of the participants was that the key factor for successful school-community relations is visibility. Although resources such as programs, grants, and funding are beneficial for the success of a school system, human capital builds relationships. Law enforcement agencies, business partners, faith-based and civic organizations could enhance school-community relations by increasing their presence in schools. Teachers perceived transparency as an additional factor for successful school-community relations citing the importance of marketing programs and events for the school.

Subject Area

Middle School education|Teacher education

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Hollingsworth, Patricia McLean, "An analysis of teachers' perceptions of school-community relations in two middle schools in the Sandhills school district" (2015). ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University. AAI3664592.