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CRJC 370: Mediation / Restorative Justice. This course is a variable topics course in which students explore current critical issues in the field of criminal justice. Topics will change based on the interests and expertise of the instructor and a student may retake the course to a maximum of nine credits with change of topic.

This service learning course in restorative justice is designed to provide rich theoretical and practical exposure to approaches to justice that prioritize healing. Not only will students be exposed to important academic literature in the area of restorative justice, they will have the opportunity to experience how the ideas within the academic discourse apply to the real world through students’ experiences witnessing and conducting court-ordered mediations. Additionally, students will appreciate the human benefits of affecting justice through healing-centered practices. Finally, students will be enabled to teach themselves more about restorative justice ideas and practices.

At the completion of the course, students will have received the Basic Mediation Training (BMT) acknowledged by the Mediation Network of North Carolina to qualify them to conduct mediations. Students will also take part in court-ordered mediations, at first as co-mediators with a certified mediator, eventually as mediators.