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The purpose of this study is to determine whether race and/or ethnicity makers) a difference in internet use among groups in the United States. The researcher found that even though the rate and intensity of internet use appears to increase among all racial groups in the United States, minorities, especially, Blacks and Hispanic are significantly less likely than Whites to subscribe, and use the internet frequently and intensely. In other words, "digital divide" indeed does exist based on race/ ethnicity, regardless of the increase in computer and internet usage among all demographic groups in the United States. The gap however, appears to be widening along the fault-lines of race, geography, education, age, urban vs. rural and more especially, gender. Targeted government initiatives are necessary at least in the short-run to get all the disadvantaged groups hooked up to the computers and the internet as well as support and expand the computer and internet (online) services already provided by libraries, colleges and other community access centers.