Interdisciplinary Social Work Journal


Ronnie Martin


The rate of immigration has increased dramatically as a result of changes in the global economy, ethnic and political conflict, and the increased availability of communication and transportation networks. This increased immigration has caused much resistance and tension among the countries experiencing an influx of immigrants (Esses, Jackson & Armstrong, 1998). In America, which has a long history of anti-immigration sentiment, immigrant are met with ambivalence. This article reports the results of a survey designed to show the attitudes of the residents of small southern county toward Latinos. A community-based sample (N=173) from a small southern was asked to complete a survey on attitudes toward Latinos. The literature suggests that attitudes toward Latino immigrants in rural areas are for the most part negative. Contrary to the literature, the survey data indicate a positive attitude toward Latinos. Although there were areas of negative opinion concerning Latinos, the survey data suggest that the bias and negative attitudes toward Latinos by residents of a small, rural county is somewhat exaggerated.