Interdisciplinary Social Work Journal


Female Circumcision is carried out for reasons that include cultural and gender identity; social and cultural control of women's sexuality and reproductive functions; beliefs about hygiene, aesthetics, health and religion. There is the fear that the girl might bring shame to the family by being sexually active and becoming pregnant before marriage. Female Circumcision is a manifestation of gender-based human rights violations, which aim to control women's sexuality and autonomy. It is one of the many forms of social injustice, which women suffer worldwide. Female Circumcision is an act of barbarism, savagery, torture, and maiming, which deprives women of their femininity, especially wotj regard to sexual sensitivity and pleasure. It is a denial of the fundamental and inherent human rights of women to an intact body, physical and moral integrity, freedom from discrimination and the highest standard of health. Cultural claims should not be invoked to justify the violation of human rights.