Work-related stress and burnout is a reality in modern society, because the lack of time and the high work demands seem increasingly intensified. Thus, the study of working conditions and the factors that affect the physical and mental health becomes even more imperative. Professions that are particularly stressful are those where there is daily contact with people, for example, doctors, nurses, social workers, or school leaders. Besides administrative and official duties, modern principals perform additional functions such as the organization and management of schools, the coordination of people who are involved in the teaching and operational process and they intervene to reform and upgrade the work of their schools. In addition, they must have skills like cooperation ability, be knowledgeable in the psychology of individuals and groups, have perceptual and observation ability, administrative imagination and energy, have managerial experience and solid scientific training. Since burnout is the result of chronic work-related stress, the purpose of this study is to record the specific factors that create professional stress to school leaders and their correlation with burnout and other features, like gender or experience. This study has been conducted in a number of primary-education schools of a central region in Greece, where generally there are no monitoring practices followed, concerning the work stress of educators and their relevant support. Thus, it is perceived as a prerequisite for the designing of any supportive services and activities, if necessary.



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