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This study assessed teacher education students' perceptions and satisfaction of their learning experiences concerning an accelerated summer pilot program. In addition, the study provided information on the impact and teaching effectiveness of the accelerated teacher education summer pilot program on participating students. Results from this study determined that compelling information and significant differences were found between students who attended summer session I and summer session II. Most importantly this study documented statistical significant differences among the two groups for questions regarding, “the clarity of exam questions,” (t(198) = 10.460, p < .05), “exams’ coverage of important aspects of the course,” (t(198) = 16.566, p < .05), “overall quality of the textbooks(s),” (t(198) = 25.983, p < .05), “problems or questions presented by the instructor for small group discussions,” (t(198) = 1.971, p < .05) and “work load for this course in relation to other courses of equal credit,” (t(198) = 2.518, p <.05). Open-ended data was retrieved from the Student Survey and Praxis Workshop Survey. The open-ended data was used to corroborate the findings from the Student Instructional Report II, Student Survey and Praxis Workshop Survey item analysis. Findings are discussed in terms of their implications on future research and prevention programming.

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