A qualitative research study was conducted and data were collected by interviewing university professors on their perceptions about the impact of integrating Google Apps, as a means of classroom instructional delivery, on students’ communication and collaboration skills. The participants consisted of eight university professors from a major university, who integrate, or had previously integrated at least two Google Apps Education Edition collaborative tools into their instructional strategies. The result of this study has the potential to benefit universities that are debating on whether utilizing teaching collaborative technology skills, as an instruction tool, would engage students and enhance their communication skills. Results found that professors would consider integrating Google Applications into their instructional strategies, if given the appropriate professional development and training. Professors agreed that collaborative technology was an effective teaching tool and assisted students when working on group and individual projects. One interpretation from the interviews from the university professors suggested that utilizing collaborative technology in higher education helped to improve students’ communication and collaborative skills, and improved students’ perceptions and knowledge of technology use in the classroom.



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