This paper explores Landay a form of folk poetry and consist of couplets; the first one consists of nine syllables and the second thirteen. This format of poetry is described by some to consist of one and one half verses. The author of such couplets is generally unknown. Some of them have names of authors or national figures and heroes attached.

In the study of a society various aspects of society can be discussed like historical background, cultural elements, cultural heritage, which are main points of a society. Furthermore, it gives importance to fundamental values and customs along with life style can be taken to consideration.

To explore any culture we have to study it's literature, especially folk literature. Pashtun culture is clearly depicted in Landay, a genre of folk literature. This research seeks to study history of Pashtu Landay, its current situation and future perspectives. Essentially, the research will find out and how Landay have been transferred from one generation to another and in specifically it highlights women's contribution in producing Landays. Furthermore, currently, an improvement has been taken in the mode of saying Pashtu Landay by Afghan youth living aboard. Therefore, the research intent to study the process of expressing new way of poetry produced by new generation which draws upon earlier tradition, but is composed in circumstances that are very different from the past.

As earlier, these poems were said and sung in the valleys, mountain and deserts, but these days youth have been able to take advantage of new technology to communicate their message through the tradition of the Landay in a modern way.


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