There has been an increase in the rate at which women are being chosen to serve as university presidents at Adventist Higher Education institutions worldwide within the past few years. Notwithstanding that increase, the overall representation of women in that position is still proportionately low. To date, about 22 women have served since we first began operating higher education institutions in 1874. At present, about nine women are serving as presidents of AHEIs; the largest number to be serving at any one time since 1874 when AHEIs were established. Having so few women serving in these top-level positions does not provide opportunities for women to mentor and be mentored by other women. This paper examines the mentorship experiences of seven women who served or are currently serving as presidents of AHEIs prior to the their appointments as presidents. General findings reveal that the mentorship experiences played a critical role in the career advancement of these women leaders; though in the majority of the cases, men mentored these women. It is therefore highly recommended that strategic and deliberate mentorship opportunities be made for women-to-women, in an effort to ensure that more women leaders emerge to serve at AHEIs.



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