Contemporary educational leaders must manage complex school community processes in which many factors are involved, such as students, teachers, parents and the social environment, the different disciplines with their specific features, outdated infrastructure, limited financial resources, the relevant legislation, the superior educational authorities, etc. To resolve the problems that arise in a manner ensuring quality management that is not easily quantifiable, apart from the various models of educational administration that have been occasionally proposed, counseling skills can be a valuable asset in a context of multiple authority, as it is encountered in the Greek educational system. The acquirement of counseling skills is a valuable asset for educational leaders, in order to deal with the diversity of the encountered issues that arise within the complex social environment of schools. Therefore, the widely accepted and required skills of a successful educational leader and the relevant skills of a counselor are presented for comparison and linking purposes. The structure of the Greek educational system is also presented in order to demonstrate that educational leaders should acquire counseling skills. Thus, postgraduate studies that prepare teachers for leadership roles should include counseling courses in their curriculum.



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