Many athletic departments within Predominately White Institutions (PWI’s) have a culmination of competition, academic support, and an abundance of campus support. With this, comes an expected tradition of athletic prestige. Winning athletic contests is culturally derived attitude. At the same time, improving academic motivation and success of student athletes should be an equally important, culturally derived attitude as well. Given the need to improve academic outcomes of diverse student athletes, the emphasis to improve holistic development is imperative in encouraging academic growth while leading student athletes to recognize, understand, and critique social situations.

This study highlights a diverse group of student athletes at PWI’s, and their motivational factors that influenced academic and athletic outcomes. This study also utilizes Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a lens to thoroughly examine and explain the athletic and academic experiences of diverse student athletes at PWI’s. The necessary tenet within CRT in order to explore this study is the interest convergence principle.


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