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A Model for Educational, Occupational, and Employability Training: Identification and Institutionalization of Effective Practices


This study was designed to examine 2 youth development programs that existed in an urban enterprise community. The evaluation examined the success of the youth development training programs that were part of a Youth Development Grant funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Fire Rescue Academy and the Certified Nursing Assistant Nursing Academy were in existence for a total of 4 years. Government spending is a major concern, and this evaluation served many legitimate issues concerning the grant and its effectiveness with the youth it was charged to serve, the cost-effectiveness of the programs, and the overall impact in the community.

Thirty participants were used to evaluate this study: 15 from the Fire Rescue Academy and 15 from the Certified Nursing Assistant Nursing Program. Participants were asked to complete an anonymous survey; some of the participants participated in a one-on-one follow-up interview after the survey. The writer also used an ethnographic study that was done on the Youth Development Program.

An analysis of the data revealed the importance of using occupational training and youth development in the low-income African American communities. The study also revealed the support of the Youth Development Program increased the chances of success to participants. The study showed how these 2 programs had a positive impact with collaborating local organizations: the participating fire department, local community-based organizations, the local school district, and the local hospital.