The purpose of this multiple case study was to examine the teaching beliefs of eight preservice physical education teachers. The following research questions guided this study. (1) In what ways do field experiences contribute to shape preservice physical education teachers constructs of teaching? (2) What theories of teaching emerge from field-experiences? (3) To what extent do contexts shape preservice teachers’ experiences as they teach? We framed this multiple case study through the lenses of personal and practical knowledge of teaching. Data collection included multiple interviews, field observation, and documentary notes. We analyzed the data using the constant comparative methodology. Data analysis revealed the following themes: (1) struggles, (2) idealism, and (3) disillusionment. The results of this multiple case study are important for researchers and professionals involved in the preparation of preservice physical education teachers. In addition, the results of our multiple case study have theoretical and disciplinary implications in both teaching and applied research. Psychological and Educational theories applied within an educational setting inform on the praxis of teaching and learning.



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