Since in the current day most of the data is transported through written communication and media play an important part in the transportation of hot issues of the day, news language has concerned the courtesy of both media experts and linguists for periods of times. This analytical- descriptive research planned to link the destruction and acceptance of Grice’s (1975) cooperative principles (CPs) in news reports which published in Kabul Times and classify which of these four CPs (quality, quantity, manner and relation) has been desecrated most and which of them has been desecrated less. For this purpose, 100 news stories were randomly selected from the newspaper of Kabul Times, in which the implementation and defilement of these CPs were coded by two independent raters. The stories which was published in the 2016 ten reports were randomly selected from those 100 stories. The results reported that the largest percentage of maxim were associated with the social news among the all four types of news namely political news, economic news, security news and sports news in the terms of maximum of quality was desecrated the most among four types of news was related to social news; the results presents that the second highest violated maxim was the maxim of quality in the total maxims in the economic news compared to the other four news types. The results of this study can be used by EFL learners and teachers as well as reporters in multimedia.



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