This study measured different stressors experienced by teachers in a public national high school and their coping mechanisms. The study is anchored on the Person-Environment Fit or Mis-fit Model (PEFM) (Astroff & Yunjie, 2011; Caplan, 1987) and the Conceptualization of Emotions in coping with stress (Lazarus, 2005). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to explore the work-related, emotional, and personal stressors and coping mechanisms of teachers. The teachers experienced stress that was brought on by hazardous working conditions, a lack of materials, and resources to do their tasks effectively. There was a feeling of excessive monitoring and demands for outputs from the administration. This was sometimes compounded by conflicting instructions. Personal stress was usually triggered by simply being exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes overtly manifested through emotional outbursts. Although stress cuts-through gender and age barriers, each individual devised their own cognitive (thinking-centered) strategies to coping with stress.



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