This qualitative study examined the perceptions and understandings of various stakeholders in the early childhood sector of the Southeastern United States about kindergarten readiness in response to the implementation of more rigorous academic standards in kindergarten. The study combined interviews, observations, and documents to assess experiences, expectations, and challenges in meeting the strong accountability standards imposed by accountability measures and the implementation of new standards. The qualitative analysis showed that as more rigorous standards are implemented in kindergarten, all stakeholder groups are experiencing high levels of pressure related to the testing and accountability requirements related to the standards. The study further revealed that the stakeholder groups did not share a common understanding of the level of school readiness necessary for the children to reach by first grade and that early communication with parents is necessary for a successful transition of children into the school environment. The results of the study provide insight into the perceptions and understandings of the participants as they experience the readiness process from preschool through participation in kindergarten.



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