Volume 5, Issue 1 (2019) Leadership, Spirituality, Well-being, and Holistic Approaches

This special issue features articles by leading and emerging scholars, as well as scholar-practitioners with a particular focus on global and local diverse perspectives around the world. In tandem with the philosophy of the Journal of Research Initiatives, this edition allows new and established forms of knowledge to emerge from people around the world, and provides a platform for more voices to be heard in academia and beyond. Among the diverse, holistic perspectives presented in this issue is a discussion of prosocial leadership as a means to personal flourishing, holistic methods of nurturing the balanced integration of human and social development in educational environments, and decolonization of European culture worldwide. The concepts introduced and/or developed in these studies may shed light on potential applications, various viewpoints, and new directions in the field of leadership studies, diversity, mindfulness, and beyond. We sincerely hope that these articles can contribute to the decolonization of academia, spark curiosity, and lead the readers to reexamine their mindsets toward emerging forms of scholarship, in particular, those emerging from underrepresented groups in global and local contexts.

Research Articles

Conceptual Articles


Language Diversity in the Greek Educational System: Promoting Multilingual Classroom Policies
Xanthippi Foulidi, Marianthi Oikonomakou, and Evangelos C. Papakitsos

Best Practice

Guest Editors

Simone Elias
Abilene Christian University
Ann Cai
Northeastern University
Peter Williams
Abilene Christian University
Tova Sanders
Northeastern University
Brian Cole
Abilene Christian University

Managing Editors

Sherry Latten
Abilene Christian University
Jonathan Perez
Tarrant County College District

Issue Reviewers

Charles Lowery
Ohio University - Main Campus
Cindy Gissy
West Virginia University at Parkersburg
Mohamed Ali
Grand Canyon University
Irene Garcia-Benavides
Abilene Christian University
Edward Cromarty
Northeastern University
Paula Faulkner
North Carolina A & T State University
Kareem Hinds
Abilene Christian University
Anna K. Lee
North Carolina A & T State University
Cassandra Sachar
Bloomsburg University
Mayrion Washington
JeffriAnne Wilder
National Center for Women & Information Technology
Sally A. Zengaro
Delta State University

Special Thanks

The guest editors would like to thank Dr. Linda Wilson- Jones, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Research Initiatives for allowing diverse perspectives to emerge in this issue. We also would like to express our appreciation to all the leading and emerging authors, scholars, and scholar-practitioners for their thought-provoking contributions. We also acknowledge and thank the research fellows, Sherry H. Latten and Jonathan Perez, for their hard work in the development and production of this issue, as well as their commitment to developing as open-minded scholar-practitioners in their respective fields. Last but not least, our heartfelt thanks to all reviewers for not only improving the quality of the manuscripts but also respecting the authors’ voices.