The distributive leader cannot influence organizational performance without taking into consideration the capabilities of team members to achieve a common goal (McIntyre, 2003; Harris, 2003). To leverage the capabilities of teams, distributive leaders need to be mindfully attentive in establishing a collective interpretation of the current organizational situation. However, establishing a collective interpretation may not be effective if distributive leaders do not initially consider the importance of creating group learning environments to engage diverse group members (Ashford & DeRue, 2012). The purpose of this integrative literature review is to explore theoretical and empirical research examining the potential of mindful engagement as a prospective component of distributed leadership. It considers the existing knowledge base on distributed leadership at the group level, addresses some assumptions and misconceptions associated with leadership practices across diverse groups, and highlights a few areas for further attention, including diverse groups in the workplace and leadership practices in group settings. The review concludes by proposing mindful engagement as a potential component of distributed leadership that could significantly enhance the future development of leadership practices in organizations.



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