Social issues about bully victimization are a topic receiving national attention in social work literature. Therefore, social workers must establish potential predictors of bullying victimization to eliminate them among at-risk populations, such as students who have disabilities. Adolescent and teenage students with disabilities are an oppressed population at risk of experiencing higher levels of bullying victimization. In addition, this population also experiences harsher socio-emotional outcomes because of bullying.

The purpose of this study was to synthesize past literature relating to the direct relationship between extracurricular involvement and bullying victimization. Research articles were retrieved across eight databases to assess past research and literature published on this topic. Due to the limited number of articles examining this topic, two separate analyses are provided. The first analysis assesses literature specific to students with disabilities. The second analysis includes literature not specific to students with disabilities. Finally, providing implications for future social work practice and research based on the results.



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