Individuals in society today are entrenched in stress, from competitive environments like school or work to social anxieties, including one's struggle to acclimate and survive within a given subset of individuals. As a result, life can have challenges. Nowhere is this more apparent than among the schools' high schools and college campuses where students, overwhelmed by a culture where they fail to thrive, take drastic, irreparable, and lethal action. While no established student profile is likely to engage in extreme violence like school shootings, reliable data is detailing some ominous motives (The school shooter, 2002). Paired with this information and an expanded understanding of individual personality profiles, this study seeks to underscore the importance of providing mental wellness support for students across university campuses, aligned with the students' personality preferences to understand better how students envision and mitigate stress.

One of the most familiar and reliable tools to determine aspects of one's personality and how one is likely to interpret and respond to stimuli is the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, commonly referred to as MBTI (Richmond, 2005). Type inventory allows participants to answer a series of questions to determine their four-letter type, one of 16 possible options, to demonstrate their personality preferences. This tool was employed in Honors College classes with students from a research university in the Southeastern United States in a Freshman Orientation setting to help the students better understand how to recognize and constructively respond to stress as they began their academic journey in higher education. The outcomes were remarkable as they helped reinforce expectations in select facets but provided unexpected findings in other areas.



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