Historically Black Colleges and University presidents and chancellors have been facing challenges similar to administrators at other institutions of higher learning. These demands center on accreditation, federal and state funding, and enrollment. COVID-19 has heightened each of these essential functions that administrators have as priorities.

There has been a lot of research on the roles and responsibilities of HBCU administrators and how there has been a seemingly revolving door at these institutions, and how many have found them to be more autocratic than inclusive in governance. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has added to the pressure and expectations administrators must endure ensuring HBCUs survive the pandemic's challenges of closing campuses for in-person classes and the resulting fiscal decisions related to the loss of income. Will dealing with the pandemic, fiscal shortages, enrollment, and staffing/furlough possibilities become factors in these administrators feeling the need to leave their positions? How will the current crisis affect the decisions they have made or feel they will need to make?

This study examined 22 HBCU administrators from large and small private and public institutions and their roles in the decisions that needed to be considered and made during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, how did they deal with shared governance, funding, and self-care? Which topics did they prioritize, and how do they see the future of their institution? Among some of the issues addressed by administrators were how worried are they about their institutions and themselves regarding the impact of coronavirus? How confident are they about their institution being able to return to full operations in the next five years? And how did they configure their institution COVID-19 response teams?



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