Volume 6, Issue 1 (2022) Inclusive and Multicultural Education

We are delighted to bring you the 6th volume of the Journal for Research Initiatives. We are especially encouraged to have received writings from so many dedicated educators who have donated valuable time and intellectual effort to overcome the barriers imposed by the global pandemic to share hard-earned academic research for the betterment of the worldwide community. Due to the overwhelming submissions of articles during the pandemic and the journal's growth within the international academic community, we have chosen to split Volume 6 into three issues, of which this is Issue 1. This issue focuses on manuscripts relating to inclusive and multicultural education. Of particular interest are articles involving English language proficiency among lecturers and English language learning of students in Afghan education, parental involvement in multicultural education, the creation of multidimensional inclusive school environments, and the obstacles women and historically marginalized students face in the computer science fields.
In addition, we are pleased to have received a diverse array of articles from scholars on a global level broadening our horizons on multicultural and inclusive education. We want to thank our authors, reviewers, and readers for making this research available to expand knowledge, promote learning, and create a global society based on the principles of kindness and humanity.
Edward Cromarty

Research Articles

Conceptual Articles


The Parental Involvement in a Multicultural Educational Context
Xanthippi Foulidi and Evangelos C. Papakitsos

Guest Editor

Edward Cromarty
Northeastern University

Issue Reviewers

Shalini Mathew
Northern State University
Ian McDonald
Arden University
Richard McGregory
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Margery Coulson-Clark
Kentucky State University
Daniel R. Conn
Minot State University
Melissa J. Marks
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Anna K Lee
North Carolina A & T State University
Charles L. Lowery
Ohio University - Main Campus
Neil Faulk
Lamar University
Edward Cromarty
Northeastern University
Arij Rached
Northeastern University
Angela Farmer
Mississippi State University
Celicia L. Bell
Florida State University
Md. Ruhul Amin
NPI University of Bangladesh
Oksana Karapetian
The Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
Tonya P. Cooper
Collin College
Mary Alice Young
Northeastern University
Locksley Knibbs
Florida Gulf Coast University
Deanna Davis
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Holistic Teaching and Learning
Volume 6 Issue 2