English language proficiency has been considered as an important prerequisite for hiring new faculty members for various disciplines by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). For this, the Departments of English across the major universities of Afghanistan such as Kabul, Nangarhar, Shaheed Prof. Rabbani Education; Heart and Balkh Universities have the responsibility to conduct English language proficiency test, which is always a subject of a critical discourse. This study compares both the proficiency test developed by the Department of English at Nangarhar University and the Aptis, which is developed by the British Council to test the proficiency level of test taker. The study is also intended to explore the effectiveness of Aptis as a standard proficiency test, conducted at Nangarhar University (NU), Afghanistan, on a total sample of ten (10) permanent English lecturers. It was found that a significant majority (80%) of the lecturers participated in the study recommend Aptis test to be conducted by (MoHE) in the employment process of new faculty members, while (20%) lectures do not recommend Aptis due to the lack of computer skills and the proficiency gap of most test takers; so, they recommend the test developed by Nangarhar University.



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