This work focuses on parental involvement, which is considered a crucial element of school performance, especially in the case of students belonging to cultural minorities. It presents findings of modern notable research studies that examined the cultural dimensions of parental involvement in middle childhood. It also focuses on the issue that the mutual acceptance of the dominant and minority culture is a prerequisite for cooperation between family and school, to achieve the improvement of school performance. The work is structured in three sections, in the first, the term "parental involvement" is clarified and mainly cultural differences in parental involvement are recorded. In the second section, it is shown that the acceptance of the cultural difference is a prerequisite for the school's cooperation with families, whose achievement improves school performance. In the third section, the most common barriers to parental involvement of foreigners are discussed. Finally, the conclusion highlights the need to implement relevant effective interventions in schools, such as educating teachers on relevant topics, since their role is crucial.



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