This article approaches the problem of underrepresentation of women and marginalized ethnic groups in the computer science fields from a developmental learning perspective. It proposes that systemic social barriers need to be addressed to overcome the bias toward women in the technological fields. The article surmises that even though stereotypes have changed in the past few decades, Gender Socialization which begins at birth and intensifies through adolescence contributes to inequalities of education, employment, and empowerment in adult life. It suggests that changing the educational paradigm beginning in early education, may result in more inclusive diverse perspectives, increase representation of women, and improve access to technological opportunities for all. That adapting education using holistic and culturally responsive teaching methods will positively transform the learning experiences of marginalized populations in technology education. The need for teacher preparation programs and role models are reviewed. The article discusses the importance of fair working conditions that will support and value the contributions of women in the media and technology fields.



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