Volume 6, Issue 3 (2022) Motivational Teaching and Leadership Strategies

Volume 6, Issue 3 of the Journal of Research Initiatives (JRI) highlights motivational teaching and learning strategies. Issue 3 will be followed by an additional issue in this same volume, which is groundbreaking, as it is the first time the journal will publish four issues within the same volume. This journal issue contains various articles relevant to higher, secondary, and primary education in a cross-section of regions, including the Caribbean, Greece, and the dynamic needs of a multicultural America. A few topics which you may find enticing involve trauma and anxiety resulting from test-taking, the use of telemedicine in rural Virginia, motivations for military spouses to pursue education, designing learning spaces for Hispanic knowledge, and the elimination of book desserts through community engagement. An article has also been reprinted on culturally relevant teaching using cross-media. In summary, this issue of JRI offers a diverse selection of valuable topics that will help motivate educators and students alike.

Edward Cromarty

Research Articles


Telemedicine and Healthcare Implications for Central Virginia: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Patricia A. Lynch, Charletta H. Barringer-Brown, Daniel N. Brown, and Taneisha D. Brown

Conceptual Articles


The Leaderbuild Theory.
Fabio Galli and Karl J. New

Best Practice

Guest Editor

Edward Cromarty

Issue Reviewers

Papia Bawa
Butler University
Chia Jung Yeh
East Carolina University
Deanna Davis
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Daniel Casebeer
Seton Hill University
Nicole Dobbins
North Carolina A & T State University
Danielle Dickens
Spelman College
Margery Coulson-Clark
Kentucky State University
Crystal Bryant
Florida A&M University
Errick Farmer
Florida A&M University
Tonya P. Cooper
Collin College
Fabio Galli
Arij Rached
Northeastern University
Locksley Knibbs
Florida Gulf Coast University
James G Archibald
Valdosta State University
Matt Townsley
University of Northern Iowa
Demetrice Smith-Mutegi
Old Dominion University
Mary Alice Young
Northeastern University
Neil Faulk
Lamar University
Felix Quayson
The Ohio State University
Magdalena Brzezinska
WSB University at Poznan

Volume 7, Issue 1

Dr. Tiffany Flowers is partnering with the Literacy Research Association on a theme issue on The BIPOC Experience in Education. Tiffany serves on the Ethnicity, Race, and Multilingualism Committee (ERM) with a Focus on Mentoring in Publishing. Drs. Danielle Walker and Joy Valentine are also guest editors for this theme edition. The issue is in its final editing stage and will be released this fall. Dr. Flowers is an associate professor of Education at Georgia State University.