Our research, focusing on critical literacy practices in education, demonstrates the outcome of a teaching scenario applied in 2021 in a primary school e-class learning environment with the aid of distant learning tools. Having taken for granted that: (a) covid-19 pandemic has initiated important changes regarding our understanding of language teaching and (b) the extend we expose ourselves to modern multimodal environments, our teaching intervention attempts at displaying how the use of visual grammar can contribute to the critical understanding and production of multimodal texts by junior pupils in the language teaching framework. In the light of the above, through multiliteracies pedagogy, it has been investigated whether the study of environmental discourse, based on the everyday texts that the pupils read, can contribute to the development of critical language awareness and the cultivation of their environmental sensitivity. At the same time, conclusions can be drawn about the challenges and the difficulties which online distant learning appears to have in L1 teaching both for pupils and teachers.



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