Volume 8, Issue 3 (2024)

This issue is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, insightful content. This issue, which focuses on teaching and learning best practices, international language learning, and the impact of diversity on teaching professionalism and student learning, is a treasure trove of valuable information. The authorship of this issue is genuinely international, featuring articles from respected scholars in Eswatini, South Africa, two articles from Afghanistan, and contributions from various regions in the United States. Notable articles include an analysis of English and Pasto adjectives in language learning, the lived experiences of teachers of color, and the mentoring experiences of ethnically diverse women faculty at HBCUs. We are confident that these excellent articles will meet your expectations and contribute to your professional development.
Edward Cromarty

Research Articles

Conceptual Articles

Issue Editors

Kaitlin M Jackson
Fayetteville State University
Locksley Knibbs
Florida Gulf Coast University
Celicia L. Bell
Florida State University
Donna Walker
St. George's University
Arij Rached
Northeastern University
Jill Story
Northeastern University
Tanya Munir
Iqra University
Awang Najib Awang Mohamad
Naqibullah Saqib
Nangrahar University
LaVon Williams
Anthony Walker
Tarrant County College District
Edward Cromarty
Northeastern University
Jeanette M Edlow
Northcentral University
Celeca Sukra
New York City Department of Education
Faye Bradley
Solomon Tention
Vishal Thakur
DeJuanna Parker
Scholar Solutions, LLC
Magdalena Brzezinska
WSB University at Poznan, Poland
Bradley Mills
Fayetteville State University
Romero D'Souza
St. John’s College of Engineering and Management
Ikeoluwapo B Baruwa
Charmion Rush
Western Carolina University
Olcay Yavuz
Southern Connecticut State University
Kathy Chase Young
Early Education Dream Center, LLC
Mubariz Zirman
Kabul Education University
Catherine Barrett
Fayetteville State University

Special Editor

Thanks to Dr. Edward Cromarty for his unwavering dedication to the journal.