ETD Collection for Fayetteville State University

Dissertations & Theses from 2023

Avery, Tol (2023) A Case Study Analysis of Ninth Grade Academy Attendance and of Other Ninth Graders from a Selected Cohort: Implications for Academic Success in Selected Title I High School Settings

Baxter, Jarmel Terrique (2023) Before, During, and After Eligibility: A Narrative and Descriptive Exploratory Study of Selected Viewpoints of Former Student-Athletes and Current or Former Professional Athletes

Bullard, Derrick (2023) An Exploratory Study of Selected Social Media Perceptions Among Current and Former Student-Athletes, Coaches and Athletic Department Personnel

Farrior, Anthony (2023) Faculty and Staff Perceptions of the Phenomenon of “Toxic Leadership” Factors and Variables: Implications on Job Satisfaction

Ford, LaVette Lang (2023) Exploring Principals’ Perceptions of Best Leadership Practices and the Influence on Student Achievement in Title I Schools

Green, Terrence D (2023) Teachers’ and Principals’ Perceptions of Best Practices and Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gap Among Students of Color

Holder, Valentina (2023) Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black Faculty From Select Community Colleges Within the North Carolina Community College System

Ingram, Nicole Marie (2023) Homeless Not Hopeless: Engaged Faculty and Homeless Students' Voiced Challenges and Champions to Post-Secondary Education Admission and Completion

McEachern, Gemette (2023) Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black Female Principals in Selected Title I Schools

McMillan-Dorman, Stephanie Michelle (2023) Examining the Relationship Between Middle School Students’ Participation on i-Ready Computer Adaptive Tests and Math Achievement Scores

Mitchell, Tina (2023) Superintendents’ and Principals’ Perceptions of Segregation in Education

Simmons Robinson, Khanna (2023) An Exploration of Selected Factors and Variables of STEM Educated Black American Women: Implications of Student Loans and Other Wellness Issues

Stephens, Antonio C (2023) A Case Study Analysis of the Impact of Upward Bound on Low-Income and First-Generation Students (at a Selected Private HBCU)

Thomas, Fredrick L (2023) Exploring the Voices of African American Male College Students on the Factors Promoting and Inhibiting Their Academic Achievement

Vasquez, Deborah McLeod (2023) The Phenomenological Experiences of African American College Students Who Study Abroad

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Dissertations & Theses from 2022

Allen, Latreicia (2022) A Phenomenological Study on the Lived Experiences of African American School Board Members

Carver-Moore, Lashanda (2022) A Qualitative Study on the Lived Experiences of Black Women Superintendents and Their Career Paths

Cox-Dunman, Laurie (2022) A Qualitative Study on Elementary Teachers Perceptions of Job Satisfaction During Covid 19

Fortenberry, Erica (2022) A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Black Superintendents in Selected Public School

Givens, Deborah L (2022) Examining Possible Relationships Between Parent Satisfaction, Select Types of School Contact, and Grades for African American High School Students

Hailey Gregory, Shunta' (2022) Faculty Perceptions of the Helpfulness and Appropriateness of an Online Faculty Certification Program: A Mixed Methods Study

Hailey, Lisa Ellis (2022) STEM Instructors' Perceptions of the Impact of Covid-19 on Education Delivery

Hill, Angela McCall (2022) Leading by Example: The Intersection of Principal Autonomy and Teacher Efficacy

Hunter, Allison D (2022) Exploring the Impact of Holistic Campus Experiences in Conjunction with Other Factors of Retention for Underrepresented Students at HBCUs, MSIs, and PWIs

Lowry, Rebekah Revels (2022) Native American Transfer Students' Perceptions of the Barriers and Challenges Related to Academic Performance After Community Colleges

Mathis, Maurice (2022) The Virtual Shift: Examining Teacher Perceptions of Social Reproduction in Virtual Classrooms

McCarter, David E. (2022) An Exploration into Teacher's Perspectives of Contributing Factors Regarding School Climate and Student Achievement

McLeod, Mary A (2022) Middle School Teachers' and District Superintendents' Perceptions of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Breakfast in the Classroom

McMillian-Burks, Tiffany (2022) School Administrators’ Perceptions on Best Leadership Practices and Professional Development Strategies for the Career Advancement of Assistant Principals

Samonte, Ferdinand D (2022) An Exploratory Study of Military Leaders’ and Higher Education Leaders’ Perspectives on Maintaining Life Balance Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

Wrice-Bulluck, Charmetri (2022) A Qualitative Study on Historically Black College and University Faculty Perceptions on Preparing Black Students for Social Justice and Racism Readiness

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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Baker, Jesse (2021) Black Greek Fraternity and Sorority Members’ Viewpoints on How Membership Influenced Their Leadership and Career Development

Bayard, Tasha (2021) A Research Survey of Graduate Student Service Members and Veteran Students’ Experiences of Matriculating Through Graduate Schools and Professional Programs

Bouknight-Bates, Cassandra S (2021) Former Teenage Mothers: Exploring the Resiliency, Barriers and Challenges of Pursuing a Degree in Higher Education

Brown, Angela D (2021) Exploring the Perceptions of K-12 Related Service Professionals and Disability Service Professionals on Postsecondary Transition Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chavis, Grace M (2021) An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Underrepresentation in the Stem Disciplines of Faculty, Administrators, and Students Within Selected Higher Educational Settings

Conyers, Shawn (2021) Exploring Faculty’s Perceptions of Culturally Responsive Practices and Social Justice Issues in Higher Education

Foust, Katanya (2021) Hip Hop as an Empowerment Tool for Principals

Gill, Brandi (2021) Student Achievement Comparison Between Traditional Schools and Schools of Choice: A Quantitative Study

Highsmith, Carol (2021) Academic Healthcare Professionals' Perceptions of Available Services for Students With Type 1 Diabetes at Higher Education Institutions

Jones, Tyrone W (2021) Exploring Factors Influencing the Academic Success of Black Student-Athletes at Division I, Division II, Division III, and Naia Institutions

Martin Jenkins, Vonda Kai (2021) An Exploration of School Leadership During Times of Crisis in PK-12 Selective Settings Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Martin, Victoria L (2021) Tales From the Slump: Perceived Barriers to Sophomore Student Success

Washington, Evandrew (2021) A Qualitative Study on African American Professors’ Viewpoints on Colorism, Institutional, Systemic, and Anti-Black Racism in Higher Education

Wilkins, C'monee (2021) An Investigation Into Teacher Perceptions of Burnout During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Wynne, Matthew John (2021) ESL Teachers and School Leaders Perspectives of K-8 Social Studies

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

Darden, Lakeshia (2020) Diversity Training Through Story: University Professionals Explore Narratives of the Black Experience by Reading Coretta Scott KNG Book Award Titles

Darden, LaKeshia (2020) Diversity Training Through Story: University Professionals Explore Narratives of the Black Experience by Reading Coretta Scott King Book Award Titles

Hopkins, Naadiya C (2020) Athletics Administrators’ and Coaches’ Perspectives and Experiences Related to Student-Athletes’ Engagement in Social Activism

Johnson-Arnold, Letitia (2020) Self-Care Practices and Perceptions of Holistic Health Among Selected Educational Leadership Graduate Students Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities or Minority Serving Institutions

Lyon, Melissa Lynn (2020) Using Q Methodology to Explore Views of a Selected Competency Framework for Community Engagement Professionals

Zomerfeld, Ann Linnea (2020) In Their Own Words: Stories of Servant Leader Presidents and Chancellors at HBCUS

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Dissertations & Theses from 2019

Agah, Niloofar Nickol (2019) Examining Motivation Theory in Higher Education Among Tenured and Non-Tenured Faculty: Scholarly Activity and Academic Rank

Fankibi, Joseph Akwasi (2019) An Investigation Into Select Experiences of Higher Education Women Leaders in North Carolina.

Gregg, Veronica M (2019) Examining the Motivational and Persistence Factors of Military Spouses Pursuing Degrees in Higher Education

Mansour, Ashraf M (2019) Leadership Development and Mindful Engagement: Life Story Narratives of Veterans in High-Ranking Civilian Roles in the United States’ Federal Government

Price, Keauna Vinson (2019) Public School Superintendents’ Viewpoints on the Leadership Strategies Perceived to Guide the Culture and Climate Within a School District

Williams, Cotelia (2019) A Descriptive Analysis of Selected Reactive Attachment Disorder (Rad)-Related Factors: A Case Analysis of RAD’s Possible Influence on Selected Black High School Males’ Academic Progress

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

Capel, Julian W (2018) A Narrative Study of the Viewpoints of Former Black Male Student-Athletes on Transitioning from a Division I University to a Career After Eligibility

Chamblee, Constance (2018) Characterizations of Transformative Leadership and Transformative Learning: The Case of Eight Doctoral Students Enrolled at a Midland College in the University of North Carolina System

Chavis-Harris, Phoebe M (2018) Elementary Male Teachers' Perceptions of the Factors Influencing Their Grade Level Preference in Selected North Carolina School Districts

Godwin, Shevelle (2018) Contingent Faculty Viewpoints on the Experiences and Challenges of Teaching in Higher Education

Gradnigo, Allen (2018) A Descriptive Study of Diversification Efforts at Selected Postsecondary Education Institutions in North Carolina

Moore, Carlitta (2018) University Administrators' Perception of Equity in Sports, Title IX Polices and Student Athletes with Diverse Sexual Identities

Nelson, Valerie L (2018) College Students' Perspectives on the Benefits of College Preparatory Programs and Their Decisions to Pursue a Degree in Higher Education

Parker, LaTonya W (2018) Program Coordinators' Perceptions of Mentoring Programs and the Success of At-Promise Students in Selected North Carolina Public School Districts

Whitaker, Ericka Jones (2018) Stories of Black Women Leaders of Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations: A Narrative Study

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Bryant, Patrinia Michelle (2017) Perceptions of Mentors and Teachers of "The Change a Life Mentoring Program" as It Relates to Student Behavior and Academic Growth

Byrant, Patrinia Michelle (2017) Perceptions of Mentors and Teachers of "The Change A Life Mentoring Program" as it Relates to Student Behavior and Academic Growth

Carr, .Antonio Vento (2017) North Carolina Elementary School. Administrators' Perceptions of School Building Conditions and the Influence on Student Performance

Fowler, LaVonda Carol (2017) An Exploration of the Influence of School Environment on the School-to-Prison Pipeline for K-12 Students

Mullennix, Angela Lynn (2017) Guidance Counselors' and Teachers' Perceptions on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Academic Credit Recovery Programs in Selected School Districts.

Oxendine, Melissa (2017) An Investigation of Students' Perceptions of Their Distance Learning Experiences at Two Selected North Carolina Community Colleges

Satterfield Cox, Theresa Yvonne (2017) Teachers' and Administrators' MLQ Related Beliefs of the Leadership Styles of School Administrators in Select North Carolina Public School Districts

Umerah, Ukamaka Ifeyinwa (2017) The Rise Program and Stem Choices Examining the Relationship Between Minority Students' Participation in the Rise Program and Academic Performance: Implications on Stem-Related Choices

Williams, Molly Noble (2017) The Impact of Classroom Climate, Support Services, and Instructors' Behaviors on the Academic Success of Military Students': Implications for Change

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Anderson, Teresa Karen (2016) Perspectives of ten Midwestern K-8 women administrators on their leadership practices

Bethea, Terrie (2016) Strategies identified for grade nine transition programs in relation to academic achievement, discipline, and student attendance

Bristol, Margaret Janet Wilcox (2016) Single mothers' and school leaders' viewpoints on parental involvement in various school districts within the central New York region

Canteen, Tremaine (2016) High School Males' Perceptions of Variables Related to Reactive Attachment Disorder and Their Teachers' Perceptions of Cultural Capital in an Alternative School Setting

Cox, Lewis Whitney (2016) The impact of cultural capital on graduation rates: An ethnographic study of Native American students in southeastern North Carolina

Dowless, Debra May (2016) The moderating effect of beginning teachers' perceptions of professional learning communities on their self-efficacy and future career decisions

Holder, Ashley Johnson (2016) Reading teachers' and administrators' perceptions of the factors that promote or inhibit student reading achievement in selected North Carolina elementary schools

Long-Lane, Shamica Danielle (2016) North Carolina and South Carolina Administrators' Perceptions of the Factors Contributing to Teacher Attrition and Districts' Recruitment and Retention Practices

Psaltis, Chris Anthony (2016) Persistence in higher education: What do students and instructors in Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) perceive as contributing factors to persistence in college?

Ramseur, Helisha Dawn (2016) The moderating effect of students' perception of digital learning environments on their engagement and self-efficacy in mathematics

Sandidge, Tanya (2016) An analysis of African American males' perceptions of Reactive Attachment Disorder at selected alternative school sites

Vickers, Melinda Stidham (2016) Exploring the longitudinal outcomes of early college students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Ambrocio, Zenis (2015) Influence of drought stress on the root system of the `Maryland 96-5722 by `Spencer' recombinant inbred line (RIL) population of soybean (Glycine max. (L.) Merrill)

Andrade, Julia Beatrice (2015) Analysis of vestigial skeletal structures within eight species of lizard of the families scincidae and pygopodidae

Anim, Kofi Asare (2015) Hopf-Andronov-Poincare bifurcation in cancer chemotherapy

Burgos, Mia (2015) Computer modeling of aids epidemiology

Council, Helen Juanette (2015) Senior level administrators' perceptions of African American students' campus involvement and its impact on Retention at Public Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Southeast region of the United States

Gaston, Jasmine Elizabeth (2015) Impact of hemp seed formulations on darkling beetles ( Tenebrio molitor) their reproduction and susceptibility to insecticides

Hollingsworth, Patricia McLean (2015) An analysis of teachers' perceptions of school-community relations in two middle schools in the Sandhills school district

Kennedy, Dorrance (2015) Factors influencing the academic progression of African American male students in selected North Carolina Universities

Lewis, Ryshonda Patrice (2015) Vestigial skeletal structures in four snake species and five species of dibamid and scincid lizards

Liniewski, Rachel Marie (2015) Vestigial skeletal structures in seven species of lizards in the familes scincidae and anguidae

Lowery, Vernon Shananne (2015) Examining Performance Learning Centers in North Carolina through student perception, student success, and Dropout Prevention

McKoy, Kimberly Shanetta (2015) The relationship between state-level higher education support and political control on select United States colleges and universities institutional indirect cost rates

Moise, Bernadel (2015) Mathematical modeling and analysis of multi-insurgency combat problem

Munn-Goins, Ophelia (2015) An analysis of the impact of institutional characteristics on African American male graduation rates from North Carolina Community Colleges

Schoolcraft, Kelly (2015) Cyber victimization: An examination of routine activities and self-control theory as indicators of online victimization

Smith, Isaac George (2015) The mathematical analysis of multi-insurgency warfare in a non-compact domain

Taylor, Zoletta Lynn (2015) Teachers' perceptions regarding African American students' classroom behaviors, school suspensions, and office referrals in selected North Carolina public schools

Thompson, Jacoya Chantel (2015) Computer modeling of cancer immunotherapy

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Blue, Katina Michelle (2014) Perceptions of challenges and barriers to career advancement by women administrators in the University of North Carolina System

Boney, Melanie Elizabeth (2014) Variation in yield components and seed protein, oil, and fatty acid content in the MD 96-5722 by `Spencer' recombinant inbred line (RIL) population of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]

Cruz, Michael Angel (2014) An investigation of faculty engagement and academic scholarship on doctoral degree completion: A case study

Currie, Yaleaka B (2014) The effects of heat stress and Hessian fly (Mayteiola destructor) infestation on polar lipids in resistant and susceptible wheat near-isogenic lines

Gamble, Anthonese Knight (2014) Superintendents' perceptions of the relationship between district teacher indicators and performance ratings as reported by the South Carolina Report Card

Harvey, Sheldon Darrell (2014) Principals' perceptions of early college education in relation to student behavior, school climate, and academic achievement in selected North Carolina schools

Hill, Mellotta Battle (2014) A qualitative study on the leadership characteristics that impact school culture, school climate, and school academic performance in selected North Carolina schools

McRae, Michelle Renee (2014) Associations between childhood trauma and susceptibility to posttraumatic stress disorder in the military

Metz, Tracie Jean (2014) A case study: Effects of using leveled literacy intervention on fourth and fifth grade students' reading achievement

Parks, Chermaine Alexandria (2014) Adult attachment and life history strategies: The influence of mortality and socioeconomic status on reproductive desires

Powers, Seth Walter (2014) Instructional talk-throughs: The effect of peer coaching on teacher efficacy

Ragin, Bobby Anthony (2014) Biochemical analysis of seed isoflavone contents at different row spacing in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr]

Robinson, Clinton La Mont (2014) North Carolina High School African American males perceptions of the external and internal factors contributing to academic achievement

Stanley, Shane Gareth (2014) Vestigial hind limbs in the appendicular skeleton of three genera and four species of African skink (Squamata, Scincidae)

Thomas, William Gregory (2014) A statistical analysis of student perceptions of teacher confirmation in selected institutions

Wright, Christopher Virgilio (2014) Mathematical modeling of clinical-psychosocial behavior in AIDS epidemiology

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Amaya, LaToya Lynne Michelle (2013) Changing attitudes toward interracial marriages in the United States: 1990-2010

Atkinson, Nuchelle Lee (2013) Memory and recall: Gender development in preschool aged children

Bass, James Michael (2013) Examining the academic persistence behaviors of American Indian transfer students and the implications of these on the pursuit of a bachelor's degree

Carter, Phylisicia Nicole (2013) Mathematical analysis and optimal control of the cauchy problem for cancer chemotherapy

Coates, Paula Bledsoe (2013) Schools to watch: North Carolina Middle School teachers' perceptions of grading practices for student achievement and the role of school leaders in teacher support

Currie, Delvon Denise (2013) An investigation of African American parents' perception of school leaders as it relates to parent engagement and the African American male student

Eni, Michael (2013) Mathematical modeling and analysis of cancer immunotherapy

Harcrow, Anne-Marie Wulff (2013) Cross-ethnic peer preferences in emerging adults

McDavid, Lillian Manning (2013) Selected North Carolina school teachers' perceptions of their teaching fellows experiences in the classroom

Scott, Joseph (2013) Coverage of domestic violence fatalities by The Fayetteville Observer: Analyzing the military frame

Thompson, Tya Jenyce (2013) If death were food for thought, what would you choose for lunch? A terror management account of food choice decisions

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Adams, Pamela (2012) Professional learning communities: A qualitative study of a Title 1 middle school

Allen, Mamie Ruth Monroe (2012) A descriptive study of North Carolina teachers' perceptions of professional learning communities

Azenui, Felix Afegnui (2012) Mathematical analysis and optimal control of cancer radiotherapy

Bazzelle, Richard Bryant (2012) Genetic analysis of yield components and seed isoflavones contents in the PI 438489B by "Hamilton" recombinant inbred line (RIL) population of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr]

Fleming, Elise Nicole (2012) The role of attachment style in female subjective sexual wellbeing

Huddleston, Betsy Correll (2012) Eastern North Carolina elementary school principals' leadership styles and behaviors based on schools' socioeconomic and academic performance

Kharabsheh, Hamzah Abdelraouf (2012) Metabolism of chlorpyrifos by Pseudomonas aeruginosa increases toxicity and acetylcholinester inhibition in adult zebrafish (danio rerio)

Langdon, Danice Lynn (2012) Gender wage gap and its associated factors: An examination of traditional gender ideology, education and workplace

McCoy, Marvin Steven (2012) A qualitative study on factors influencing teacher retention in the Southeast Region of North Carolina's Public Schools

McLeod, Tracie Renae (2012) Phylogenetic patterns in turtle social behavior

Mizzelle, Sylvia Jean (2012) The relationship between teachers' and principals' perceptions of the working conditions in North Carolina elementary schools and student achievement

Noell, Kristin Moneque (2012) Developmental deformities and biochemical disruptions in zebrafish (Danio spp) embryos and adults following exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perflurorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS)

Quick, Leslie-Dawn (2012) Racism, crime and collective efficacy: Media representation of an urban community

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Arrieux, Jacques Philippe (2011) A comparison of CVLT-II score substitutions with WMS-IV verbal paired associates scores in a sample of active duty soldiers with mild traumatic brain injury

Baker-Oglesbee, Alissa (2011) Testing the efficacy of robot-to-human goal directed actions

Bogard, Samantha Lynn (2011) Silica-based growth media: Cultivating crops without soil

Buchanan, Teresa Lynn (2011) Glycoprotein changes in the bovine sperm plasma membrane during maturation in the epididymis

Gates Rice, Lakisha (2011) Principals' perceptions of the early college high school experience in selected North Carolina early college high schools

Locklear, Paula (2011) A qualitative study on educational leaders' perceptions of transition programs in selected North Carolina secondary schools

Lohr, Rebecca (2011) How Long Is Too Long: Does The Length Of Military Deployments Lead To Domestic Abuse?

McCarter, David Earl (2011) Mathematical modeling of pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes

McCormick, Sandra Dee (2011) North Carolina elementary teachers' and school executives' perceptions of working conditions, leadership practices, teacher morale, and school improvement planning

Thompson-Pinckney, Teresa (2011) An analysis of the perceptions of faculty at public historically black colleges & universities in North Carolina regarding their awareness of and involvement in PK-16 collaboration initiatives

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Council, Ve-Lecia Selene (2010) An investigation on teacher retention and teachers' perceptions of cultural leadership in selected North Carolina year round and traditional elementary schools

Fenner, Shanessa (2010) Characteristic profiles of low and high achieving African American males in selected North Carolina middle schools

Gillenwater, Nicole Marie (2010) False consensus and its effect on reactance

Gurganious, Megan J (2010) The primacy and recency effects of the Affective Auditory Verbal Learning Test at a historically Black college or university

Harpe, J. Michael (2010) A relationship study on retention among traditional and non-traditional students in select North Carolina community colleges

Herring, Paquita M (2010) Historically Black college and university presidents: Personal and professional challenges, career paths, and leadership characteristics

Higgins, Kelly Elizabeth (2010) An investigation of professional learning communities in North Carolina school systems

Hill, Christopher Charles (2010) The effect of concealed carry laws on weapons possession by offenders

Lage, Patricia (2010) Genetic mapping of root, shoot, yield, and yield component traits in the ‘Pyramid’ by ‘Douglas’ recombinant inbred line (RIL) population of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]

Maynard, Elbert Elkanah (2010) The therapeutic value of fantasy

McNeil, Celethia Keith (2010) Mathematical persistence and global stability in LAK-NK chemo-immunotherapy

Sykes, Jennifer Elizabeth (2010) The relationship between rap music, media literacy and perception of romantic relationship commitment among African Americans

Tang, Liwei (2010) An analysis of the perceptions of young (junior) faculty in selected four-year universities in China regarding pre-service training, collegiality, and teacher effectiveness training

Williams, Jonathan (2010) An analysis of teachers' and principals' perceptions of leadership in selected North Carolina middle schools and their impact on student achievement

Winters, Bryan Keith (2010) An investigation of pre-service teachers' perceptions of personal and general teaching efficacy prior to and following student teaching

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Alford, Vanessa Mae (2009) An assessment of mentors' and beginning teachers' perceptions regarding various mentoring and induction practices

Antolak, Diane Lesley (2009) An analysis of the impact that school improvement sanctions have on the proficiency levels of student reading performance composites from selected middle schools in North Carolina that have not made Adequate Yearly Progress for five consecutive years

Applewhite, Michael Anthony (2009) An investigation of elementary teachers' and principals' perceptions of teacher working conditions and academic achievement in North Carolina

Brooks, Morris (2009) The relationship of leadership styles, gender and years of experience of middle school principals in North Carolina on achievement and growth trends on the end of grade exams

Burgado, Sabrina Andrea (2009) A comparison of latent fingerprints and DNA fingerprints from cell phones for the utilization of investigative forensic analysis

Carter, William D (2009) The impact of legal representation on disposition and sentencing

Clemen, Tashenda Denell Marie (2009) The impact of parental socioeconomic status on children's education

Connors, Crystal Dawn (2009) The predictive validity of the MMPI-II in candidates who were selected for Special Forces training and later were relieved, recycled, or voluntarily withdrew from the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC)

Ferguson, Mary Elizabeth Johnson (2009) A comparative analysis of family structure and the academic achievement level of African American students in selected North Carolina schools

Floyd, Shauna (2009) Factors associated with academic achievement among African American students

LaHuffman-Jackson, Renee' (2009) An analysis of the impact of working conditions on teacher turnover in low -performing schools in North Carolina

Maples, Jeffrey B (2009) An analysis of the effects of class size on student achievement in selected middle schools in the Sandhills Region of North Carolina

Ouertani, Khaled (2009) The soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] ‘Hartwig’ by ‘Flyer’ recombinant inbred line population: I. Comparison between early and conventional soybean planting system. II. Genetic mapping of yield, root, and shoot traits

Ratliff, Fannie L (2009) An investigation of freshman academy principals' and counselors' perceptions of implementation strategies in selected North Carolina schools

Sanders-Smith, Patti (2009) A comparative analysis of grade configuration and academic achievement among eastern North Carolina 6–8 and K–8 schools

Sledge, Robin M (2009) A plan to span the learning gap a Freshman Seminar class representing a holistic approach to education that seeks to enhance students' mental, emotional, and physical well-being and to promote student retention

Song, Yan (2009) Mathematical modeling and analysis of HIV dynamics during therapy

Taylor, Robert Pernell (2009) An analysis of the entropy index diversity scores of selected North Carolina urban high schools and the impact on teacher quality, student achievement, and graduation rates

Washington, DeSandra W (2009) An investigation of faculty's perceptions of traditional and on-line instruction at post-secondary institutions in North Carolina

Washington, Evandrew (2009) Genetic analysis of roots, shoots, and several morphologic traits in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Abduk-Khaliq, Amyn (2008) The role of perceived consensus in reactance

Adams, Edgar D (2008) Teachers' perceptions of principals' use of *consideration and initiating structure and the relationships to student achievement and teacher turnover

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Chute, Jenie Jo (2007) A study of populations of the eastern box turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina in urban forest fragments

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Colvin-King, Vadrin (2006) Social correlates of breastfeeding among mothers in North Carolina

Ignat, Madalina Liliana (2006) A long-term study of ecological succession in an urban forest fragment

McKoy, Costella Roberts (2006) Attachment insecurity and the quality of steady dating relationships among late adolescents: The role of causal and responsibility attributions

Puwalowski, Sarah (2006) Coping and social support as mediators between work environment and burnout in elementary school teachers

Rich, Sylvia (2006) The effects of attachment insecurity on depression and anxiety among late adolescents in steady dating relationships: The role of perceived social acceptance and emotional reactivity

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Burleson, Shelley Jo (2005) The United States and Jordan: Diplomacy and foreign policy at work in order to shape a stabilizing and pro-Western nation in the Middle East

Butler, Sharmaine Crumpler (2005) An analysis of the methods of succession school boards of education in North Carolina use to select superintendents

Davis, Sherri Sutton (2005) The heroic journey in “Outlander”: Tracing the mythic path

Freeman, Robert Eugene (2005) Factors in the retention of male teachers in North Carolina schools

Hammer, Karen Oldham (2005) Vampires: The dark fantasy of the 18th and 19 th centuries

Hawkins, Cynthia Dee (2005) Leveling the playing field: How authors Frank McCourt and Rick Bragg overcame social exclusion through education

Heyward, Jaunita Alberta White (2005) An analysis of student achievement and the 21st Century Community Learning Center after -school program in a southeastern North Carolina school system

Huffam, Danyelle Sherita (2005) Weavers of deception and keepers of morality in Homer's “Odyssey”

Jackson, Antonio Lenard (2005) Gender differences in HIV testing among high-risk African Americans

Singletary, Holly Lynn (2005) An examination of participation in a secondary prevention program and the success of delaying repeat pregnancy among teens

Smith, Janice McDowell (2005) The relationship between North Carolina elementary principals' and teachers' perceptions of principals' leadership styles and the social organization of the school

Wheatley, Olga Rodriguez (2005) The relationship between 21st Century Community Learning Center after -school programs and school achievement in North Carolina: Implication for leaders

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Cogdell, Edna Alston (2004) An investigation of the relationship between the leadership provided by district media personnel, school library media program areas and student achievement in North Carolina public schools

Ellis, George Humphries (2004) A comparison between selected 4 x 4 block schedule schools and seven-period traditional schools as measured by the public schools in North Carolina End of Course tests in algebra and biology

Gamble, Tamika Shena (2004) The determinants of tobacco and heavy alcohol use among African-Americans

Hargett, James Edward (2004) An investigation of the North Carolina Promotion and Intervention Policy as related to intervention strategies, student achievement, and principals' and teachers' satisfaction

Palma, Adrienne Christine (2004) An analysis of leadership styles of school principals and end -of -grade test scores in the third and fifth grades in rural and urban elementary schools in North Carolina

Reed, Vonda Lakecia (2004) A comparative analysis of the academic performance of Black students in elementary magnet versus elementary non-magnet schools in North Carolina

Smith, Lavern Tate (2004) An investigation into the perceptions of elementary school counselors and principals: Essential elements of the comprehensive counseling and guidance program in North Carolina

Williamson, Freddie Elton (2004) Comparative analysis of teachers' perceptions of the principals' charismatic leadership, managerial behavior and school climate in traditional and charter elementary schools in North Carolina

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Black, Mary Wilson (2003) A study of first-year teachers and their principals: Perceptions of readiness among participants from traditional and non-traditional teacher preparation programs

Larrimore, Whitney Dyann (2003) The social construction of Emma Bovary—behavior and psychology: A feminist interpretation

White, L. Denise (2003) Perceptions of the leadership strategies and sustaining characteristics associated with an all-black school: The study of Booker T. Washington High School, Reidsville, North Carolina, 1955–1969

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Calhoun, Mary Kathryn (2002) An analysis of the viewpoints of general education teachers, special education teachers, and administrators on the implementation of collaborative teaching in the secondary setting with students with high incidence disabilities

Carr, Carolyn Douglas (2002) An analysis of selected elementary principals' instructional leadership practices and uses of student assessment information in relation to the categorical ratings of schools in North Carolina

Chavis, Annie McCullough (2002) A study of principals' leadership effectiveness in implementing multicultural education in North Carolina public elementary and middle schools

Ford, Valjeaner Brewington (2002) An investigation of teachers' and principals' perceptions of the effectiveness of the 4x4 block schedule in selected high schools in the Sandhills Region of North Carolina

Jordan, Alfred Allan (2002) An investigation into the effects of online teaching and learning on achievement outcomes at the secondary level

Phillips, Brian A (2002) The relationship between percent of funds spent on direct instruction and student achievement in selected grades

Smith, Jennifer (2002) Leadership implications of the perceptions of multicultural issues and cultural diversity of Bladen County educators

Walters, Barbara Morgan (2002) An investigation into the attitudes of superintendents toward the North Carolina Mentoring Program for Teachers

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Brown, Robin Diane (2001) An investigation of factors influencing the use of computer technology by middle school principals

Bryant, Lee Ray (2001) An investigation of factors influencing job satisfaction of principals in low -performing and exemplary schools

Cahill, Donald Thomas (2001) Principals' attitudes toward the influence of high-stakes testing in North Carolina's public elementary schools with grades three, four, and five

Hart, Lois Marie (2001) An analysis of the leadership styles of selected elementary principals in magnet and non -magnet schools in a large, urban school district

Montgomery, Joan Lucia (2001) Selected school principals perceptions of adjustment and academic concerns of highly mobile student populations: A comparative study of migrant student and military mobile student populations

Morrison, Glenda Pope (2001) Factors that affect the lives of resilient students: Lessons for educational leaders from resilient students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Blount, Stacye Annyna (2000) Demographic correlates of religiosity in the African American community

Franklin, Terry (2000) Situational leadership: An analysis of public school teachers readiness levels and preferred principal leadership styles

Henderson, Samuel Lee Edward (2000) Teachers' perceptions of effective school correlates: Implications for educational leaders

King, Karis Lane (2000) Mapping college composition: Intersection goals for teachers and students

Ortiz, Carolyn Williams (2000) Socio-demographic factors as predictors of knowledge of AIDS among the older population

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

Brown, Terry Martin (1999) A comparison of year-round and traditional students' achievement scores in reading, mathematics, and other variables

Clover, Michael Walton (1999) An analysis of selected principals' priorities regarding budget decentralization in Cumberland County schools, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Mitchell, James M (1999) A study of the leadership practices of North Carolina's public school superintendents, two -year community college presidents and public university chancellors: Implications for the success of the seamless education highway concept

Snead, Kimberly Neshell (1999) Examination of the putative antimutagenic effect of selenium compounds on in vitro DNA synthesis by Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I

West, Linda Melton (1999) Instructional strategies for school reform and inclusion: Implications for school leaders

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Dissertations & Theses from 1998

Brown, Wanda Lynett (1998) Perceived equity with the division of household and marital happiness

Johnson, Sylvia De Vone (1998) Gender differences, social support, and alcohol consumption among college students with depressive symptoms

MacKethan, Marcia Richardson (1998) Food as metaphor in the oral history of the descendants of the inhabitants of Shackleford Banks

McMullin, Marcia Jean Harrison (1998) An analysis of the effects of a staff development program on student achievement

Okpala, Comfort Ogo (1998) The impact of educational resources and student demographics on reading and mathematics achievement scores of fourth-grade students in Cumberland County public elementary schools, North Carolina

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Dissertations & Theses from 1997

Allen, Bobby Wayne (1997) A sociological analysis of the public's attitudes toward classroom disruptions in the public schools

Bell, Ruby Gale Aycock (1997) The effects of tutoring on the reading performance of at -risk first-grade students

Benton, Cathy Callihan (1997) A comparison of the effects of two Title I models on reading comprehension

Brown, Josie Gause (1997) Socio-demographic factors as predictors of attitudes toward unwed motherhood

Ellis, Geertina Houthuyzen (1997) Prison adjustment in male, youthful offenders as predicted by ego resiliency and intelligence

Hunter, Catrelia Steele (1997) A study of the relationships between alumni giving and selected characteristics of alumni donors of Livingstone College

Kendrick, Wanda Smith (1997) Parallel between two high-efficiency transformation methods in yeast and screening for applicability of transformants

Locklear-Mariani, Gertie (1997) Analysis of cadmium chloride effect on the fidelity of in vitro DNA synthesis

Mitchler, Sharon J (1997) A survey of the criticism of Stephen Crane's poetry

Mozingo, Michael Theodore (1997) The landscape of Holocaust poetry

Pittman, Scheherazade (1997) An analysis of the effect of lead chloride on the fidelity of DNA synthesis

Raby, Roy Scott (1997) The Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry: Citizen soldiers of Cumberland County, 1793-1997

Ramirez, Shevelle Antionette (1997) Mate selection preferences among African Americans

Richardson, Martha Jeanne Henson (1997) Postmodern literature and Christian commitment

Rosser, Gladys Cogdell (1997) A study of the implementation of the character education program and students' attitude toward the program in three school districts in North Carolina

Van Horn, Amy Clare (1997) Knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of college students towards AIDS at a historically Black university

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Dissertations & Theses from 1996

Hinek, Arjay (1996) John Fante: Father of the Los Angeles School, neglected son of the Lost Generation